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Top 10 Chicago Travel Baseball Programs (2021)

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A physical copy of Baseball Connected's 2021 Top 10 Chicago Travel Baseball Programs.

We wereinspired to create the Top Ten ranking as a way to promote travel baseballthroughout the Chicagoland area and to highlight some of the incrediblysuccessful baseball programs Chicago has to offer.

The ranking is the result of asurvey we sent out last Fall to as many teams around Chicago that we could find.At the end of the day, nearly 50 baseball programs replied representing well over600 teams.It’s important to note that making the list was solely dependent upon how manyIllinois teams each program is fielding in 2021.

As for the Top Ten ranking, 11 programs made the list because two weretied at 18 teams. The average number of teams per program came to 28,however, that number is a little misleading since the Top Tier program has 67teams and the Rhino program has 38 teams. Without Top Tier and the Rhino, theaverage number of teams decreases to 22 teams.Be sure to check out the programs on the honorable mention list, which can befound on pages 14 and 15. These are the next 10 largest programs with many ofthem just missing the top ten list by one or two teams. Chicago certainly has itsfair share of large baseball programs.

We want to thank all the programs that responded to our initial surveyand a special thanks to all the programs that provided the additional informationwe used to create their profile pages.

We hope you enjoy 40+ pages all about the Chicago travel baseball community.