Wagner Baseball Glove Repair

Wagner Baseball Glove Repair

Our family dog got ahold of my favorite Rawlings baseball glove and chewed off all the lacing. It was completely ruined! I had two choices, I could either buy a new glove or I could get my glove repaired. The risk with getting a new glove is that it's expensive and there's no guarantee that it would fit as well as my current glove. So I opted to get my glove repaired and re-laced at Wagner Baseball Glove Repair. ⁠

The process was simple and smooth. All I had to do was mail my glove to David and he took care of the rest. David let me choose the lace color and provided the exact date of when the glove will be done by. ⁠

A little over a month later I received my glove and I couldn't be happier. My glove hadn't looked this good since I bought it! The leather was cleaned and moisturized. The laces were tight and cut to the perfect length. The glove was firm and had its original shape. I can honestly say David saved my gloves life. ⁠

I give Wagner Baseball Glove Repair 5 Stars and would recommend them to anyone who needs a glove repaired. ⁠

If you or anyone you know has a glove that needs saving, send it to David at Wagner baseball glove repair. He does it right and has a ton of experience. ⁠

Feel free to text David at 847.899.5423.


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