How Did The Braves Win The World Series With Such A Young Team And So Many Injuries?

The Atlanta Braves won the World Series!

I repeat, the Atlanta Braves won the World Series!

I personally was rooting for the Braves from the start because of their exciting young roster and they even traded for one of my favorite young players, Jorge Soler.

Jorge went on to win World Series MVP while hitting .300 with three homers, six RBIs, and three walks during the Series. All three home runs that he hit were go-ahead home runs. He is only the 6th player in World Series history to have three go-ahead home runs.

Some players contributed more than others but no one had a larger impact off the field than Ronald Acuna. Ronald was ranked the seventh-best player in the MLB by the MLB Network so you can imagine how big of a void the Braves had to fill when he got knocked out of the season with a torn ACL joint. Sidelined with an injury most of the season, all Ronald could do is support his team. Throughout the regular season and post-season, the support Ronald showed for his team was unmatched and I have no doubt it helped them win the series.

If you watched this 6 game series, where the Braves won 4-2, you would’ve seen baseball at its purest form. The bats were hot and a lot of runs were scored. The Braves pitching was clutch when they needed it. Including great two great outings by Ian Anderson and Max Fried. The only thing the Braves could’ve done better is fielding. They had at least one error per game. If you're watching a baseball game, especially the world series, do you prefer a pitcher's duel or a slugfest

I hope you enjoyed the World Series as much as I did. The only sad part about the World Series ending is that baseball is over. We will have to live without baseball for the next 4 months. What are some of your hobbies during the off-season? I know I’m joining the ballplayers out on the golf course.

We would LOVE to hear from you, comment below, and let us know what you thought of the Braves winning the World Series?

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